What to wear as a Groom?

2017 Spring Collection

Congratulations on your engagement!

So what should you wear on your Wedding Day?

You may think about having an unconventional wedding where you don't dress up very much, but you may regret it later on in life when you are looking back at your wedding photos. You want look your very best!

The Tuxedo is the most traditional option. You want to have a black bow tie, and a tuxedo that is silk faced with a shawl collar. Wool will make you sweat less and you will be more comfortable, as you don't want to have to photoshop out beads of sweat in your wedding photos!

Less formal you want to wear a regular suit. The big advantage of going on the casual side is that you can reuse the suit for other events. It's a smart investment. Ideally with a suit you should get a dark suit, either navy or charcoal. Ideally, a double-breasted suit with peak lapels as it is more formal than the single-breasted ones. Adding a vest that matches the suit is a nice touch, and gives you more options in your wardrobe. A white dress shirt and a pair of black oxfords or derbys shoes. Add some class with cuff links and a pocket square.

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