Neckties and Father's Day

2017 Spring Collection

Neckties have a long connection with Father's Day. But do you know why is it so? Or since when did they come to be associated with the Father's Day celebrations?

The earliest use of necktie can be traced back to the time of the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648) when Croatian mercenaries in French service, wearing their traditional small, knotted neckerchiefs, aroused the interest of the Parisians. The new article of clothing soon initiated a fashion craze in Europe where both men and women wore pieces of fabric around their necks. The necktie has had a long history since.

The usage of the word "necktie", however, dates from around 1838 when it first hit the fashion scene as a narrow band of material worn around the collar (neck) of a shirt and tied in front. During 1800-1850, there was much interest in the way to tie a proper cravat and this led to a series of publications. This began with "Neckclothitania", a book that contained instructions and illustrations on how to tie 14 different cravats. It was also the first book to use the word ‘tie’ in association with neckwear.

The custom of gifting neckties on Father's Day in US and other Western countries began as early as 1920. It is difficult today to identify anyone particularly as the pioneer of this tradition. It is also not known why the neckties began to be held as a proper gift for the occasion. We can only conjecture that the necktie, which had been there already as a fashion item and steadily evolved for nearly a century, begun to be looked upon during this period as a classic gift for a man.

Around 1920, neckties started appearing on the earliest Father's Day greeting cards and retailers sniffed a golden opportunity in this, suggesting this as a great practical gift. And since then the Necktie has been the most popular Father's Day Gift with children vying to gift the most beautiful and stylish tie to their dad every year. And gift sellers make the most of this traditional and emotional attachment by putting their workmanship to good use, infusing newer designs and introducing latest styles into the much loved neck cloth during Father's Day.

This is because the tie has been a Father's Day gift for so long that it brings with it an element of nostalgia for fathers. Many dads, till date, eagerly look forward to receiving a special new tie as a loving gift from their children. And many people, who swear by tradition, still love to gift ties on Fathers Day. Even today, most Western countries mark a necktie as the most classic, conventional and sentimental of all Father's Day gifts.

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