How to Dress for Your Body Type: The Inverted Triangle

How to Dress for Your Body Type: The Rectangular

How to Dress for Your Body Type: The Inverted Triangle

It can be difficult to find the right outfits that flatter you if you are not fully aware of your body type. Knowing what body type you are and what silhouettes work best and which ones to stay away from can greatly help to make you look like a well-dressed gentleman.

Over the next few weeks we will address each of the 5 Body Types.

3. The Inverted Triangle

The next body type is the inverted triangle. It’s the opposite of the triangular body type. It’s when your shoulders are wider than your bottom section. Usually, it’s a silhouette that is found in men who like to work out especially their upper body. And so sometimes, their legs are very thin. The look can almost get comical when you are just too muscular on top and you look like a football player. While many men strive to be more muscular, this is a very difficult body type to tailor for.

Again, you want to look proportional which means your top has to look slightly slimmer and your bottom slightly wider. No worries! People will still be able to see that you’re working out. Unless you have sloped shoulders, I suggest avoiding shoulder pads. Go with a slimmer cut trim jacket. Just make sure that you have enough space in your sleeves so you can move. With bigger arms, that may be an area where you have issues when you want to move around freely. Avoid wide peak lapels and go for something slimmer, maybe 3 and a quarter inch and notched lapels. Ideally, choose single-breasted suit only because double breasted suits will look too wide and you’re already wide on top. You don’t want to look even wider!

Don’t go overly skinny because it looks comical. If your body type is the inverted triangle, you should probably try to get something custom made because off the rack things will hardly ever fit you because you are just too big on top. You are likely to go up a size, that means everything gets wider and everything is slimmer at the bottom. Try to have something custom-made with someone who has experience with tailoring garments for guys who workout.

Something I see with men who are muscular in the chest is a break in the lapel when they stand. It’s something your tailor has to accommodate for. Because you want to emphasize the bottom part, I suggest not to go with skinny pants, go with something that’s cut a little fuller so the overall look is more proportional. In theory, the boot cut is a good idea but honestly, it looks rather dated and so I suggest you go with a straight leg and not a boot cut.

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