How to Dress for Your Body Type: The Oval

How to Dress for Your Body Type: The Oval

How to Dress for Your Body Type: The Oval

It can be difficult to find the right outfits that flatter you if you are not fully aware of your body type. Knowing what body type you are and what silhouettes work best and which ones to stay away from can greatly help to make you look like a well-dressed gentleman.

Over the next few weeks we will address each of the 5 Body Types.

5. The Oval

Next up is the oval body type. It’s usually men who have a stronger mid-section, have a few extra pounds on their hips but you can still look great. The goal for you is to focus attention away from your mid-section which you can do, by wearing a vest. It helps you slim down your mid-section and emphasize your overall dapperness. A jacket also helps because it’s more structured. It builds up your hips and your chest. In combination with the vest particularly in dark colors, you can look very dapper and you can look much slimmer than you actually are.

Avoid belts and go with suspenders instead with pants that are a little more high-waisted because it gives you that long leg line and it makes you look overall, slimmer. Get pleated pants because you want the extra width and for your body type, it’s just more flattering. Avoid double-breasted garments because they make you look wider and you want to stay away from super skinny looks because they also make you look proportionally bigger than you are.

If you want to look stylish, go with three-piece suits that are matching in dark colors, maybe even with a stripe because that way you will look like a million bucks. Go for vertical stripes, not horizontal ones, because they make you look slimmer. Don’t make a mistake of trying to get a jacket that is too tight. But once you have a vest, the advantage is that you can wear your jacket unbuttoned which is comfortable, and it makes you look even slimmer.

One thing I see a lot of times with men in oval body type shape is they have ties that are long, and they drape along the belly and sometimes extend beyond the waistband. That’s a very unfavorable look because it highlights your crotch area and makes you look big. Therefore, tie your ties a little shorter and wear them underneath the vest.

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