How To Wear Cufflinks

How To Wear Cufflinks

A lot of gentlemen are unsure what kind of cufflinks to wear with their outfit. Therefore in this guide, we will show you how to combine cuff links in your clothing, so you look dashing while at the same time you also have fun incorporating this accessory to your wardrobe.

How To Wear Cufflinks For A Formal Occasion

Black Tie or Tuxedo Cufflinks

When it comes to occasions such as these, you want to opt for a more formal type of cufflink. Go for a classic silver colour with a slight hint of detail as you don’t want to take away from your outfit. By adding that slight hint of detail, you’re still keeping that classic cufflink style, without going too out there and brash. Avoid comical cufflinks style as these never look good. However, you could go for something a bit different with a pair of rose gold cufflinks.

White Tie Cufflinks

If you’re off to a white tie event then things get a little more tricky as the formality of your outfit heightens even more. If you are attending a white tie event, then you’ll usually be given a certain dress code that you’ll have to comply with, but every event varies, so make sure you read the invitation.

The formality of white tie events your cufflink game needs to be heightened. This may sound a little excessive, but try wearing a pair of Mother of Pearl cufflinks as these will certainly impress when you’re at a white tie function. I know not all of us can afford to buy a pair of Mother of Pearl cufflinks, so there are plenty of cheap cufflinks for you to choose from that look similar.

How To Wear Cufflinks For Work

Cufflinks To Wear With A White Work Shirt

I should think that we all own a classic white button down shirt, but I should think many of you haven’t teamed it up with a pair of cufflinks. Wearing cufflinks isn’t as tricky as you would first think, especially when you’re wearing a great base colour such as white.

The colour of your shirt is neutral you can really experiment with colour and pattern when it comes to your cufflinks. You’re not in a strict formal environment, so playing around with colour and pattern will work in your favour to keep your own personal style, and, to differentiate your look from the rest.

Cufflinks To Wear With A Blue Work Shirt

When you venture into colour with your work shirt, you’ll want to keep the colour pallet of your cufflinks the same as your shirt. If you’re wearing a blue shirt then I’d suggest going to the opposite end of the spectrum within the same colour. What I mean by this is, if you have a light blue shirt on, then go for a cufflink that has a main colour of a darker blue to counteract the shirt, and vice versa.

How To Put On Cufflinks

Cufflinks are simple and easy to put on, depending on your shirt you can go wild with colour and design. All cufflinks are simple to put onto your shirt, sometimes a little fiddly, but it’ll get easier every time you put them into your shirt.

Your Quick Guide to Putting On Cufflinks And How Cufflinks Work

  • Take your cufflink and place the small bar at the bottom straight.
  • Fold up your shirt cuff so that the two holes meet at the bottom.
  • Place the cufflinks through the two adjoining holes.
  • The simple twist the bar at the bottom horizontal so it stays secure.

Cufflinks are a great way to introduce a bit of colour and detail into your everyday wardrobe. A simple piece of metal or silk can really liven up a boring, bog standard work look, but you have to remember what shirt you want to wear them with as not all accommodate for cufflinks. You’ll want to invest in a French cuff, or double cuff, shirt if you want to wear a pair of cufflinks. These types of shirts are reserved for the more formal occasions, or, if you work in a more formal work environment.

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