Opt for Fall Colours

Fall Winter Collection

While summer is great for bright colours, the fall / winter season is made for muted colours: shades of brown, tan, red, purple, mauve, green, mustard yellow and blue will work supremely well, especially if you mix the colours. Of course, you can choose to wear bright colours as well, but ensure you have one vivid item such as a tie, pocket square or boutonniere — and tone down the rest. For example, take a rather bright red tie with printed small geometric patterns, a paisley pocket square in burgundy and some mauve socks together with a grey herringbone tweed jacket and grey flannel pants — you’ll look fantastic.

Most garments off the rack come in solid colours these days, but for fall, a mottled grey, blue or tan has a warmer character that goes so much better with the season. Even if you look closely at your grey flannels, you’ll notice there are some variations in the colour.

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