How long should your Tie Be?

How long should your Tie Be?
Ties have gotten longer through the years, but the overall length of the tie is hugely impacted by the balance between your front wide blade and back slim blade.

Basically, you have three options:

  1. The front blade be as long as the back blade
  2. The front blade longer than the back blade
  3. The front blade shorter than the back blade
Ties have a fixed length, this balance really impacts how long your tie will be when it’s tied. But it’s not all, other factors that affect the length are:

  1. What knot you choose to wear.
  2. What kind of tie you have. Does it have a thick interlining? It’s very thick if so, it creates a thick knot. For a thinner tie, it creates a thinner knot and therefore the tie is longer.
So when the wide front blade is much longer than the back blade, chances are that it extends past your waistband and it peeks out underneath of your jacket, that’s visually distracting.

Another important element of the tie besides the length is the tie dimple. Make it a point to always wear it with your tie so you look more dapper.

It’s best when the front blade and back blade tips are roughly the same length and just reach the waistband of your pants. Every pair of pants is different, it has a slightly different rise and in combination with every tie being different, there are lots of variations.

There’s no absolute right or wrong way, what matters is what you personally like. I think that most men look best with a back blade and the front blade being about the same length ending just above the waistband.

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