It’s going to be a 2022 wedding season to remember and the groom will be as dashing as his bride is beautiful! Lazaros Dimitriou, Owner/Operator of The Suit Shop Co. Ltd., wears a burgundy velvet tux, double breasted with wide lapels. Today’s millennial grooms will be sharing centre stage with their brides while making fashion statements at the altar. They are embracing the return of the tuxedo with their fancy, wide peak and shawl lapels, paisley patterns, plus updated modern textures, fabrics and colours. Photo by Rod Denis.

Challenges, Conquests And Savvy Celebrations In The Age Of COVID . . . All You Need Is Love

By Sheryl Davies

“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.” — Maya Angelou

In a world that loves love and all its celebrations, the last two years have not been bridal friendly. COVID-19 has hijacked and radically changed our lives, especially where weddings are concerned.

It has, however, put the focus on what is really important and meaningful to society — family and the gathering of friends, who bear witness to this thing called “love,” which we know will always find a way!
We have seen many marriages postponed or cancelled since March 2020, amidst a sea of challenges, disappointment, and lots of tears. Yet the weddings that have occurred have been special and well-thought-out, with grand details, coupled with lots of precautions for the safety of everyone in attendance.
Now, in 2022, millennials are marrying and they have overtaken the baby boomer generation with their fresh attitudes and a new vision.

They are socially conscious and practice inclusivity and sustainability and they view their lives much differently than the generation that preceded them. They aren’t traditionalists, but they do know what they deem important and they are adamant about adhering to those beliefs.

These couples are all about statement-making and highlighting their personality as a couple when planning for their special day.

Many are footing the entire wedding bill themselves, so budget and cost are important factors. They want something traditional, yet modern, and they want it to look expensive, without overspending. It’s a delicate balancing act and they understand that at the end of the day, their guests will remember the overall ambiance, not the little details.

Trends change and evolve every bridal season and one year’s celebrations may be distinctly different from the previous one.

In 2022, you’ll see even more weddings occurring with a record number of couples tying the knot.
With the use of technology, there will be even more personalization and communication than ever before; for example: live streaming platforms, Zoom weddings, bridal websites, Save the Date, Change the Date, and invitations, all being issued online. Keeping the wedding party and guests in the loop will be even more important than ever, as details small and large are constantly being updated.

Weddings are magical occasions and what sets them apart from any other special event or gathering is the marriage ceremony. No two are identical — they are as unique as the couple hosting them.

More couples are eloping, being wed in civil ceremonies, and hosting intimate and cozy micro-events, due to the virus. They are marrying every day of the week now, and they are spending more time and care focusing on writing and reciting their wedding vows.

Ceremonies and micro-receptions will continue to be hosted outdoors in intimate settings; using parks, waterfront properties, barns, large tents, backyards, and other unique locations, for their smaller guest counts.

Pop-up weddings are beginning to surface in the U.S. as an efficient way to host a wedding. Couples agree to share a beautifully decorated space, at a set price, with other brides and grooms. It’s practical, efficient, and an innovative way to keep the budget manageable with others who are marrying on the same day.

Progressive weddings are also in style — receiving lines, flowers, and garter tosses are traditions that are being sidelined by this demographic. Brides are choosing not to have someone give them away, while cake cutting, traditional vows and the garter toss are also being eliminated because they offer little relevance to the couple’s socially conscious philosophies.