Custom Suit Creations

At The Suit Shop Co. we know that many customers have a difficult body to fit and they find it hard to purchase a garment that is well proportioned to their particular body type. Many customers are also looking for a specific colour tone or fabric patterns that are challenging to find. Laz Dimitriou, owner/operator of The Suit Shop Co. knows that your time and your budget are both important to you. this he feels is the reason that he is seeing an upswing in the sales of custom-made suits as many customers want to ensure they are investing in long lasting fashion pieces that fit properly & comfortably.

A made to measure suit, or more popularly known as a custom-made suit solves the problem for most customers who are hard to fit or looking to create a fashion statement through unique fabric colours or patterns. These suits will fit better than any ready-made suit since they do not come in generic sizing. A custom-made suit is the ideal choice for those who want to indulge in a fashion item that is distinctive and elegant but will also enhance their individual style, physical appearance and personal taste. Having a garment that is tailored to your precise anatomical measurements is the final bonus that customers rave about for years after they have purchased a custom made garment. The pattern will be cut to your specific measurements and you are guaranteed a unique and individual suit that perfectly fits your body.

Laz loves to talk everything fashion and fashion trends and he invites you to come into his store on Erie Street to see what is new in men’s fashions and to walk you through the steps in investing in a custom-made piece for yourself. Others recognize that those who wear a custom-made suit appreciate quality and are willing to invest in their appearance to make a good impression. This is exactly how you want to appear in your wedding day photos so that you are part of creating timeless images that won’t be dated in the years to come.