Wedding Season: It’s all about the fit

The wedding suit, like the wedding gown, needs adjustments to ensure that it fits perfectly. The suit should match perfectly, but even though you buy it off the shelf, you should have it altered by a tailor. Here are a few things to consider:
Your suit should be a great fit – the trousers should sit comfortably on your shoes (you may want to carry the shoes you’re wearing to the tailor so the length is just right – you don’t want too much extra fabric) and you should be able to sit and stand comfortably in it.
There should be no space between your shirt collar and the collar of your jacket. The suit jacket should fit snugly around your shoulders; if it’s too large, it’ll fall off. Back vents are available on jackets; however, if you want a slim fit, a ventless jacket is an alternative, but be warned: it can be restrictive on the dance floor!
A single vent jacket has one vent or slit in the centre of the jacket (and can reveal your backside if your hands are in your pocket!). A double vent jacket has two vents or slits in the centre of the jacket (and can expose your backside if your hands are in your pocket!). A single vent is used on the majority of off-the-rack suits. The double vent, which has a slit on either side of the jacket, gives it a pleasant shape and prevents it from crinkling as you stand or put your hands in your pockets.