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The big day may be hers but that doesn’t mean you can’t come in a close second looking dapper. Considering its one of the most monumental days of your life, why would you ever leave such an important detail up to a rental company? Not only should your suit reflect the look and feel of your bride’s aesthetic, but it should also be a reflection of your own personality. Whether you’re a traditionalist or more modern in your approach, let us work with you to create the suit you’ll look back on for decades.

All Alterations Included

We want your guys to look their best for your photos

Get measured with your Groomsmen… ask about our Groomsmen Social Experience.
All Wedding Packages are to be paid in full at time of order


Why 3 months? Because your perfect look needs planning:

01. Come in for your consultation

Come in together preferably for your first consultation and take a look at our many fabrics and colours that are available in our wedding packages.  We will go over in detail the differences in each wedding package and their options, and find the one that suits you and your budget the best.  Once you have chosen your wedding package, will show you the vast selection available in ties and pocket squares and chose, here you will be able to start designing the perfect look for your wedding by choosing and coordinating the best ensembles that matches your wedding colours and theme.

02. Book your measurement session And Groomsmen Social

Bring all your groomsmen in-store for a Groomsmen Social, private event (optional, but really fun!) to finish up your looks and take all your measurements. Put you all in the ideal fitters that best suit you and your body type.  Here, I take notes and mark the appropriate alterations needed for each suit, so it will be a tailored fit for each of your groomsmen.  We want to make sure everyone looks their best!  Remember your pictures are going to be what everyone see’s going forward, so we want to make sure that is one photograph that everyone looks dapper and properly put together.

03. Drop by for your pick up

Come back a few weeks (4-6) later for your pick up.  Always recommend trying it on for one last fitting, just incase there has been any body fluctuations and or if any last minute alterations are needed. We will take care of all needed alterations, it’s included…of course since, we want to make sure that it’s properly tailored to your body.


Bronze Package


*Minimum 3 people or more

Modern and New Trimmer Slim Fit
(Poly/Rayon Blend Fabric available in over 9 colours)

Sateen Tie, Shirt and Pocket Square

The following alterations may be applied:

  • Pant – Let Out and Take in Waist, Hem Leg.
  • Jacket – Shorten Sleeves – Let Out and Take in Girth
  • Shirt – Shorten Sleeve and Dart.
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Silver Package


*Minimum 3 people or more

Elegantly Designed with hand stitch details

Sateen Tie, Shirt and Pocket Square

The following alterations may be applied:

  • Pant – Let Out and Take in Waist, Hem Leg.
  • Jacket – Shorten Sleeves – Let Out and Take in Girth
  • Shirt – Shorten Sleeve and Dart.
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Gold Package


*Upgrade to a Custom Tuxedo
+ $199

Custom 2-piece suit, choose from dozens of 100% wool fabrics and with half-canvas construction

Customize and personalize your garment to the way you want

Silk Tie, Made to Measure Shirt and Pocket Square

All alterations included to ensure that you have a good looking tailored garment.

Custom Suit

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Platinum  Package


A custom 2-piece Tuxedo jacket and tuxedo pants with formal trim


Custom 3-Piece Suit (jacket/pants/vest)

Bow tie/Silk Tie, Pocket Square and Made to Measure Shirt

All alterations included to ensure that you have a good looking tailored garment.

Custom 3-Piece Suit or Tuxedo

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What is a Groomsmen Social?

We take pride in assisting and styling every groom to look their best on the most special day of the their life..their wedding day!

We at The Suit Shop Co. Ltd., want the groom and his groomsmen to look perfect for those wedding photos. We realize the importance of this, since in reality after all is said and done your wedding photo is the memory and keepsake of your wedding day...and we all know from experience the potential disasters of tuxedo rentals and how it can effect this photo from looking it’s best.

The Suit Shop Co. Ltd., does not only commend itself with wanting the Groom and Groomsmen to look their best in our well fitted and tailored suits or tuxedos (since alterations are always included in the price), we also like to create a special memorable experience for experience like no other... so we throw them a Groomsmen Social.

You’re wondering what a Groomsmen social is? We said we wanted to create a memorable we at The Suit Shop Co. Ltd, invite you and your group for a special fitting, either in the evening, late Saturday afternoon or we open especially for your group on a Sunday. We provide beverages and charcuterie board of snacks, while you and your group are socializing and enjoying your time together, we take time measuring each Groomsmen one by one and gather all the information we need to ensure everyone looks great for the big event.

We prefer at least 3 to 4 months lead time (5 months is ideal) just to ensure we are not cutting it close...especially during wedding season. Since after the social, we gather all the information and measurements, gather all your suits and then make sure with our tailors that all required alterations that are needed for each suit is completed. Then each individual can come back to pick up their own suit with a final fitting to ensure everything looks great and fits just right. We know that planning a wedding is an already stressful situation and are goal is to never add to your stress, so if there is something extra that we can do to, we will do it, like shipping suits to Groomsmen out of town when needed.

As you can see we want you to look your best on your special day and we make sure we go above and beyond for you and your party. Leave it to us to take care of you and make you look your best on your wedding day! Feel free to call or email us about any questions you may have.

Thank you Laz

Get an extraordinary groomsmen experience at The Suit Shop Co. Ltd.


At The Suit Shop Co. Ltd., we not only sell style but confidence.

Custom Packages

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